「CREA Traveller 2020年 秋号」掲載

掲載情報 Sep 14, 2020

「CREA Traveller 2020年 秋号 No.63」の特集「庭で遊ぶ」内の「滞在する庭 もてなしの時間」でアートビオトープをご紹介いただきました。



特集:「水庭」という楽園で過ごす 那須連山のアートビオトープ

CREA Traveller 2020年 秋号の詳細はこちら


Art Biotop was introduced in the article "Staying in the garden: Time for hospitality" in the special feature "Refresh in the Garden" on CREA Traveler Autumn issue (latest issue).

We are very pleased that, with the theme of "what is a garden for Japanese people?", Art Biotop Water Garden was publicized as a place for philosophical thinking that reflects inner self of visitors along with the view in “Hojoki”, "The flowing river never stops…".

The article also covered Art Biotop Suite Villa that aims to establish a new relationship between humans and nature by bringing them closer.

This feature story is a good read for us to realize what the Japanese have contemplated through the "garden". Please read!


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